Beginner/Intermediate Expedition and Bushcraft Training: June 10 to 14

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June 10

08:00 - Pick up from Budapest

12:00 - Canoe to base camp from Szentgotthárd (Austrian border)

June 14

19:00 - Arrive back in Budapest

£500 / €565 per person


A five day training course which will take you on a journey of personal development. You will be able to practice and hone your skills, gain knowledge, stretch your abilities and make new likeminded friends and all whilst taking in the wonderful landscapes and wildlife of a isolated area of a national forests.

Throughout the five days you'll find yourself; canoeing, trekking, wild swimming, shelter building, firelighting and building different types of fire, wild cooking, collecting and purifying water, navigating by day and at night with and without tools, tracking, foraging, making wild herbal teas, watching bushcraft knives being made, taking part and leading command tasks and search exercises and loads more!

Your hosts, guides and instructors for your adventure will be:
Justin Miles, International Explorer and Best Selling author
Dominic Frazer-Imregh, Outdoors Instructor and "Passepartout"



What happens on an #AdventureHungary Expedition?

You’ll have the opportunity to practice what you know and develop a wide range of skills including, but not limited to:

  • Selecting the best campsite
  • Erecting a variety of shelters including tents, tarps and hammocks.
  • Building a natural shelter, which you’re more than welcome to sleep in!
  • Identify, gather and prepare a selection of tinders from various sources
  • Sourcing fire materials, building fire lays and creating a fire suitable for warmth, cooking and signals.
  • Using a fire for cooking whilst trying out a variety of cooking techniques.
  • Creating fire by friction (we love to hold a ‘fire by friction’ competition!)
  • Make your own bread, laced with foraged wild edible plants.
  • Make woodland teas from plants, leaves and herbs that you forage from the forest and meadows.
  • Sourcing, collecting, carrying and purifying water (although plenty of bottled water will be available!).
  • Knots and rope work including our ‘favourite knots’ for camping and bushcraft.
  • Navigating with and without tools during the day and at night.
  • Whilst on day and night treks through the forest, we’ll look at moving safely through the wilderness.
  • Using a knife and axe safely to process firewood and produce tools.
  • We visit a blacksmiths forge in a small Hungarian town where the two brothers hand forge beautiful knives and complete them with fantastic scales made from recycled and sustainable materials.
  • Making basic eating implements.
  • Using natural materials to make cordage.
Throughout the week we’ll be talking about selecting the best equipment, discussing what we use and finding out about your favourite kit!

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