Traditional Hungarian Breakfasts

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Traditional Hungarian Breakfasts

Having a rich and hearty breakfast is a Hungarian tradition. This is usually sandwiches, with fresh bread or toast with butter, cheese, cottage cheese or patés - liver paté, or some meat - ham, salami, sausages, bacon.

In addition, egg (fried, boiled or scrambled), french toast and vegetables (such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and spring onions) may be used at the morning meals.

For those who like sweet tastes more, it is common to have some toast/croissants with jam or with honey and a glass of milk, tea or coffee.

Nowadays, it is also usual to have cereals, fruits and smoothies and kid's favourite breakfast food is rice pudding and a hot cocoa, latte or a hot chocolate. 

Brunch is a special form of Hungarian cuisine which is much heavier. This common morning meal may include boiled eggs, cold roasts, salads, omelets, pancakes, caviar, goose liver, fruit salad, compote, fruit yoghurt, pastries and cakes, with juices and hot drinks.

Enjoy your meal! = Jó étvágyat!