The 10 Best Restaurants in Budapest

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Budapest

1. Dzsungel Étterem (Jungle Restaurant)
Budapest, Jókai u. 30, 1066
The Jungle Étterem is one of the most adventurous restaurants in Budapest.
Exotic environment, themed rooms: Ocean, Savannah, Pirate, Jungle room.
Huge amounts of food :) Great service with a relaxing atmosphere, It's really an amazing experience and close to the city centre. 


2. Spoon Cafe & Lounge
1052 Budapest, Vigadó tér, dock 3
The Spoon Cafe is actually a high-end boat restaurant, next to the Chain Bridge and with a breathtaking view of Buda Castle. The interior has beautiful blue lighting and a unique design with a romantic roof terrace. The service is attentive but not intrusive, just professional. It's also great for weddings and is where Dominic and Mona tied the knot!

3. Tortuga Étterem
Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 73, 1203

Funny, friendly, pirate themed restaurant with a festive mood every time we have been here!
They also had a good menu choice full of pirate specialties to satisfy every palette.
The pirate style attends the whole place (pun intended), there are even real turtles swimming under the tables and they're so adorable! :) (We feed them some of our leftovers so that we can take photos) 
The location is about 45 mins away from the city center and it's really worth a visit, but phone first to book your table!

4. Halászbástya étterem (Fisherman's Bastion)
Budapest, Budai Vár, Halászbástya Északi Híradástorony, 1014

The Bastion is one of the most romantic places in Budapest with a spectacular view of all of Pest. Watching the sunset in this fairytale-like place is an absolutely one of a kind experience and we lovingly refer to the steps below as the "Cinderella Steps". The interior of the place are magnificent, you feel like you are part of the history and the classy restaurant is a little pricey but, staff are very welcoming and very attentive. (Dominic and Mona are in the photo - from their wedding anniversary)


5. Trófea Grill Étterem

In the Trófea you can find a wide variety of delicious foods, drinks and sweets, with polite and friendly staff and a warm and friendly atmosphere. The self-service buffet restaurant has a large selection of all you can eat and unlimited drinks for a fixed price!


6. Darshan Udvar Étterem
Budapest, Krúdy Gyula u. 7, 1088

The Darshan is so charming! Asian motifs with a pinch of Mediterranean style, torches and candles on the roof terrace, and during the wintertime there is a heated winter garden.
They have plenty of Hungarian dishes and international cuisine.
At lunchtime, as with many Hungarian restaurants, there is the option of a set menu at a discounted price.

7. Muzikum Klub & Bistro
Budapest, Múzeum u. 7, 1088

The Muzikum is a vintage-style restaurant in a great good location next to one of the national museums and a university. Musical instruments themed unique interiors with old LPs as place mats, amazing food an open courtyard from spring to autumn. The whole place has a relaxing vibe and plays good background music that doesn't interfere with your conversations.
Between Noon and 3 o'clock there is the customary Hungarian special menu at a really cheap price.

 8. Kőleves (Stone Soup)
Budapest, Kazinczy u. 41, 1075
In about 1910 this place was an orthodox kosher meat processing factory. The restaurant is creative and inventive in all the food and the design itself and the atmosphere is great with a mix of rustic and vintage style. The food is great too, with large portions! Kőleves has various options for gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian dishes as well.

The name 'Kőleves' means 'Stone Soup' in hungarian, which refers to an old tale about a poor soldier and an selfish old lady. The soldier asks for some food from the lady but she said she has nothing to give him. He took a stone from the road and asked the lady for a pot and some water to make some stone soup. The lady gave them to him, so the soldier poured water on the stone and begin to cook. The soldier tasted the soup, so the old lady became very courious. "It's very tasty", said the soldier, "but if I could ask for some fat, that would make it delicious". So the lady brought him some fat. The soldier was stirring the soup, tasted it, and he asked for some sausages. The lady got so excited so she brought some. They went on with some vegetables and rice. Finally, the stone was removed from the pot, and he had a delicious pot of soup.
Then the soldier having taken a big plate for the old woman, and another for himself, sat down and they ate it heartily. The old woman was amazed at how such a good soup was cooked with a stone. She asked the soldier, "Tell me, Sir would you sell me your stone?" The soldier sold the stone, so finally he had some food and some money as well.

9. Aranyszarvas Étterem (Golden Deer Restaurant)

Budapest, Szarvas tér 1, 1013

The Aranyszarvas has a historical significance, it is a former coffee house and many famous historical Hungarian poets spent their time here.
To sum it up, this is an elegant restaurant in front of the Buda Castle and a superb opportunity to experience Hungarian food, magnificent flavors and an excellent wine list with delicious Hungarian wines. The staff are very friendly and the service is also very professional, definitely worth a visit. For years it was the only place in town where you could buy venison! 

10. La Guna Sushi Bar

Budapest, Üllői út 216, 1191

The La Guna is an excellent little restaurant with quick and friendly service. It's about 40 minutes from the city centre and offers a wide range of amazing Japanese food. The chef is cooking in plain sight so you can see how your food is made. We always eat very delicious meals here, and they also deliver so I can order from them regularly!