The 15 Funniest Expressions in Hungarian

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The 15 Funniest Expressions in Hungarian

1. When somebody is lost and he is traipsing around we would say "Kolbászol" which literally means 'Sausaging' around.

2. When you say 'Cool!', We say “Zsír!” (Fat)


3. "Tök jó" (literally: 'Pumpkin good '- but it's a shorter slang form of 'perfectly good' = "tökéletesen jó" 

4. If somebody is browned off he is "Unja a banánt" which means 'Bored with the banana'.

5. If somebody is angry, in Hungarian he is "Pipa" (Pipe)

or he can be

6. "Felpaprikázott" – (Peppered up)

7. In Hungarian slang "Csőváz" means "Hi", but literally it means 'Pipe frame' (from: italian Ciao - Csá - Cső - Csőváz)

8. When they are laughing so hard, Hungarians say:"Szakadok a röhögéstől!" -  in English: 'I’m getting torn apart from laughing', or the shorter version is  "Szakadok!"

9. If a Hungarian is angry, she can say: "Megtanítalak kesztyűbe dudálni". ('I'll teach you to honk into gloves.' - it means: I'll teach you how to behave)

10. "Kinyílik a bicska a zsebemben." - 'The (pocket)-knife opens in my pocket.'

11. Something unique can be "Ritka, mint a fehér holló" - ('As rare as a white crow')

12. When somebody has no idea about something, he would say: "Halvány lila gőzöm sincs róla" ('I haven't got even any pale purple steam about it')

13. If something is still far away, Hungarians say "Sok víz lefolyik még addig a Dunán." ('Much water will flow in the Danube before then.')

14. When you say 'Bullshit!', we say “Lófaszt!” (Horse cock!)

15. If you hear something really absurd then it is "Fából vaskarika." ('An iron ring made of wood.')