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Budapest Street Food prices can vary a lot. You will be shocked at the difference in price for something as simple as Lángos! If you are looking for an authentic Hungarian experience or want to save some money then watch our video.

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Food 1. Best Restaurants in Budapest (Absolut Media Ltd.)iPhoneThis app offers the best restaurants in town – together with the Budapest Business Journal. The new app features beautiful photos, descriptions, navigation, contact data, opening hours, etc.2. NetPincér ételrendelés (Viala Kft.)iPhoneGoogle PlayIf you prefer to order food to your place, this is a great restaurant portal with the details of around 3000 restaurants. The catering establishments are grouped according to type of dishes, prices and opening hours.   City Attractions  3. Budapest Attractions (PowerSlave Developments)iPhoneCheck out the online and offline maps to find out where you are and read fascinating facts as you...

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