Our Favorite Pubs in Budapest

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Our Favorite Pubs in Budapest

Szimpla Kert

Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075
Fabulous place, a must try in Budapest!
Eclectic, playful and a little crazy mixture of a vintage and frisky style. - They transformed an old Trabant in to a table! :)
Szimpla is worthily one of the most famous ruined pubs in Hungary. 
Order a drink and let the night flow! 

Kőleves kert

Budapest, Kazinczy u. 37, 1075
We have already mentioned Kőleves restaurant in our 10 Best Restaurants in Budapest blog article, but Kőleves Kert is a separated garden of the restaurant.
Colorful retro-style garden with a cheerful and vivid ambience, a perfect place to spend
a relaxing afternoon with a cold beer or a coffee.

Fogas ház

Budapest, Akácfa u. 49-51, 1073
A prominent place in the ruinpub-genre, they organize exciting and innovative cultural programs such as art exhibitions, fringe theatres, film clubs, workshops and also club nights. They have an open air ruined bar as well - called 'Fogas kert'.

Csendes Vintage Bar

Budapest, Ferenczy István u. 5, 1053
A pleasant and cozy place with unique abstract décor and an intimate, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Perfect for pre-dinner drinks! They offer a huge selection of drinks and the staff are very kind. The whole place is characterized by a friendly, wondrous and youthful dynamism and very positive vibes! :)

Warmup Bár

A real cocktail laboratory with personalized cocktails! :) They ask you for your favorite flavours and make the perfect tailor-made cocktail for you. The staff are super friendly and professional, they use quality ingredients and the whole place is an awesome experience! 

Tuk Tuk Bár

Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 31, 1061
Brilliant cocktails and fun! Tuk Tuk is a unique place with classy surroundings and it's easily accessible from Downtown. Homey furniture and design, good prices and delicious cocktails make it a perfect place to relax. We would recommend it 100% to anyone!