Hungary is bigger than Budapest

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Hungary is bigger than Budapest

Budapest is big, but not that big. Hungary is bigger! So many people visit Budapest each year without exploring beyond the city limits and ’I Love Budapest’ last minute airport shopping.
 The road network from Budapest is fairly new and outside of rush hours it’s relatively fast, making a day excursion to the countryside very enticing. Within 60 minutes, you could be in

  1. a picturesque small town to the East visiting a tropical cocktail bar and restaurant, sun bathing by the promenade and swimming in warm lake waters before trying out some water skiing
  2. a historic market town to the South sampling lángos and other traditional Hungarian foods before a stroll along water front and an afternoon canoe tour around the little wildlife islands
  3. the deep valleys and woodlands to the North, canoeing calm rivers, picnicing under the trees and swimming whenever the mood takes you.
  4. the high hills to the West, trekking to tiny waterfalls, listening to the ’heartbeat rocks’ of Hungary and lunching in a woodland café.

 How about doing something energetic with your time and spending a little more time away from the busy city?
  1. Summer is great for free swimming in rivers and lakes
  2. Walking through the forests and hills between the castles in the North is something for any time of the year (just 2 hours from Budapest)
  3. Canoeing from town to town, following the shore line of Lake Balaton or exploring some of the isolated rivers and peaceful rivers to the West. You can even do a Winter tour on a naturally heated river!

With the attraction of low cost flights and city breaks, it’s easy to forget that low cost flights can also lead to a whole world of adventure beyond the city limits. Unlock your limits and try something new!