Best Baths in Hungary - Rudas Thermal Baths, Budapest

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Best Baths in Hungary - Rudas Thermal Baths, Budapest

Number five on my list is a ’must see’. Built during the Turkis occupation, Rudas has a fantastic 16th Century domed room housing a large Turkish octagonal thermal bath. Branching off from this are cold water bucket showers, steam rooms and the like. This feels very much like stepping back into the a scene from Budapest’s past occupation by the Turks. One of the passages leading away from this magnificent bath leads to a series of connecting rooms with more baths. Finally, head up the staircase at the end of the building to find the cafeteria and higher still to reach the rooftop jacuzzi and a breathtaking view of the city.

Choose Rudas for the amazing Turkish bath and the rooftop jacuzzi with city views. Start your day with a trip to the castle district followed by a river side walk down to the Rudas. It’s best to arrive a few hours before sunset so that you can experience all of the baths before the climax of sunset in the jacuzzi

Size 3
Cleanliness 4
Facilities 3
Relaxing 3
Adults 4
Family 2
Thermal Inside + Outside
Sauna Inside Wear costume
Steam Inside
Swimming Inside
Jacuzzi Outside Rooftop
Fun Zone No
Child Free Zone No
Indicative maximum prices
Weekend day pass 5.700Ft
Morning pass 2.500Ft
Drive time from...
Budapest Airport 0h 31m
Budapest Centre 0h 10m


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