Best Baths in Hungary - Kehida Thermal Baths, Kehidakustány

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Best Baths in Hungary - Kehida Thermal Baths, Kehidakustány

The Kehida baths are West of Budapest and, although the furthest from the city, rank as my top selection. With an ajoining hotel, this resort has something for everyone. It’s modern, with up to date changing facilities and a feeling of cleanliness from the moment you arrive.

For all the family, the indoor water slides, whirlpool and children’s area connect to outside heated pools and sun lounging areas. Pay a little extra and you can access the two indoor thermal pools and private lounging areas.

For adults prepared to swap their swim suits for a discreet sheet, pay a little extra again to experience the multiple saunas, steam room, cold plunge pool and thermal jacuzzi. With it’s own toilets, showers and free tea making facilities, this becomes a haven to escape the frenzy of the family friendly zone.

The cafeteria in the family area is self service and has a good selection but venture down the corridors adjoining the outside area and you can find a coffee shop with wonderful cakes and also the hotel restaurant.

Choose these baths for a great family experience or for adults looking to get away from the regular hustle and bustle. The Kehida hotel is an ideal place to stay over or check out an amazing chateaux 5 minutes away for a truly royal experience. While you’re in the area you can also experience the thermal lake at Hévíz (see no. 7) and go for a canoe trip on the naturally heated river!


Size 4
Cleanliness 5
Facilities 4 (Winter) 5 (Summer)
Relaxing 5
Adults 5
Family 5
Thermal Inside + Outside
Sauna Inside Wear sheets only
Steam Inside
Swimming Inside + Outside
Jacuzzi Inside
Fun Zone Inside Slides
Child Free Zone Yes
Indicative maximum prices
Day pass 2.950Ft
Day pass + Sauna world 4.800Ft
Drive time from...
Budapest Airport 2h 16m
Budapest Centre 2h 03m


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