Best Baths in Hungary - Hévíz Thermal Lake

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Best Baths in Hungary - Hévíz Thermal Lake

The Hévíz Thermal Lake is a natural thermal lake to the West of Budapest and is sixth on my list. Surrounded by wellness hotels, I feel like I am stepping back in time to the 19th Century age of countryside visits for rest, recouperation and strolling through parks with parasols and straw hats.

The lake complex has buildings over the lake itself, with the hottest spring inside the central hall. There are 4 pools in the hall, so try each one out until you find a temperature to your liking.

Outside are sun terraces and access for swimming in the lake. It’s deep so don’t expect to be able to stand up. Many visitors purchase foam floats to help them stay buoyant with having to move about. There are hot water outlets from the main building in the centre but the rest of the lake’s temperature is fine all year round.

There is small wellness area with saunas, steam and cold rooms but it feels cramped and too busy to be relaxing.

Choose Hévíz for warm water lake swimming and the feeling of stepping back in time. If you are staying over, then choose a wellness hotel near to the lake and gardens. Consider a visit to Kehida (number 1 on my list), a boat trip on the Balaton and canoeing on the thermal river that runs off from the lake.

Size 5
Cleanliness 4
Facilities 4 (Winter)
Relaxing 3
Adults 4
Family 2
Thermal Inside + Outside
Sauna Inside Wear costume or sheet
Steam Inside
Swimming Inside + Outside
Jacuzzi Inside
Fun Zone No
Child Free Zone No
Indicative maximum prices
Day pass 4.500Ft
3hr pass 2.600Ft
Drive time from...
Budapest Airport 2h 08m
Budapest Centre 1h 54m


Hévíz Thermal Lake

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