Best Baths in Hungary - Gellért Thermal Bath, Budapest

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Best Baths in Hungary - Gellért Thermal Bath, Budapest

Situated by the Freedom Bridge on the Buda side of the Danube, this is a magnificent building with many interesting architectural and artistic features and is fourth on my list. The main outside pool has high walls on all sides and is relaxing on a hot Summer’s day. The inside thermal waters are very relaxing and the main pool with its gargoyles and fountains is ideal for swimming.

The terrace restaurant has a great selection of food and there are sunbathing areas everywhere, as well as single sex naturist roof terraces for an additional fee.

Choose these baths for their aesthetic qualities. Start your day with a visit to the magnificent market building on the other side of the river and buy some souvenirs and water! Then, while it is still cool, walk up the steep hillside gardens to visit the Liberty Statue (you’re going to need the water) before heading to the baths for some well earned rest and relaxation!

Size 4
Cleanliness 4
Facilities 2 (Winter) 3 (Summer)
Relaxing 4
Adults 4
Family 2
Thermal Inside + Outside
Sauna Outside Wear costume
Steam No
Swimming Inside + Outside
Jacuzzi No
Fun Zone No
Child Free Zone No
Indicative maximum prices
Weekend day pass w. cabin 5.700Ft
Weekday day pass w. locker 5.200Ft
Drive time from...
Budapest Airport 0h 29m
Budapest Centre 0h 08m


Gellért Baths, Budapest

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