Best Baths in Hungary - Barlang Baths and Cave Swimming, Miskolc

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Best Baths in Hungary - Barlang Baths and Cave Swimming, Miskolc

The Barlang baths is number 2 on my list and are to the East of Budapst, nestled besides a quiet park and meandering woodlands. Many hotels in the area also offer thermal bathing so a trip to the area can be a real delight for the thermal tourist!

 The outside area of the park is huge, with plenty of play pools, sun bathing and lane swimming. There are various food cabins with plenty of choice. Venture inside the main building and you will discover the network of rock tunnels now converted into swim-safe passages with tiled floors. Follow the circlular current and break out to find the darkened dome with the ceiling of stars.

Pay a little extra and you can access Sauna World, a secluded circular area with a selection of saunas, a steam room and a daily programme of guided sauna experiences.

Choose these baths for a surreal cave swimming adventure. If staying over in the local area then choose a hotel with spa and wellness for the complete pampering experience. While you’re in the area you can visit the historic town or take a gentle stroll on one of the nearby nature trails. For longer stays in the countryside, there a lots of hiking trails and historic castles and towers to discover.


Size 5
Cleanliness 4
Facilities 3 (Winter) 5 (Summer)
Relaxing 4
Adults 5
Family 5
Thermal Inside + Outside
Sauna Inside Wear costume or sheet
Steam Inside
Swimming Inside + Outside
Jacuzzi Inside
Fun Zone Inside Caves
Child Free Zone Yes
Indicative maximum prices
Day pass 2.050Ft
4hr pass 1.500Ft
Drive time from...
Budapest Airport 1h 19m
Budapest Centre 1h 27m


Barlang Baths

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