Best Baths in Hungary

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Best Baths in Hungary

For the traveller in search of an authentic touch of Hungary, here are what I consider to be the best baths in Hungary. Whether it’s marinading gently in steaming outdoor pools, cleansing pores in 95C cabins or rushing down water filled shoots, Hungary has a skin wrinkling selection to choose from.

Budapest is awash with baths and there are even more if you are prepared to venture further than the bright lights of the grand old city. The Romans found the thermal waters here were good for their mind, body and soul and established permanent settlements close to the Danube where they could indulge themselves and now millions have shared the unending pilgrimage to bathe in the Hungarian waters.


Kehida Thermal Baths, Kehidakustány


Barlang Baths and Cave Swimming, Miskolc


Palatinus, Budapest


Gellért Thermal Bath, Budapest


Rudas Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool, Budapest


Hévízi-tó Természetvédelmi terület


Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest

Hungary has a connection with water and baths that goes back a long way.


This photo of Aquincum Museum, Budapest is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Elizabeth Bridge, Budapest.

Elizabeth Bridge, Budapest. 1900 


Gellért, Budapest. 1983


Palatinus, Budapest

Palatinus, Budapest. 1986

Hévíz Thermal Lake

 Hévíz Thermal Lake. 2016