The Best Free Mobile Apps to Use While in Budapest

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The Best Free Mobile Apps to Use While in Budapest


1. Best Restaurants in Budapest
(Absolut Media Ltd.)


This app offers the best restaurants in town – together with the Budapest Business Journal. The new app features beautiful photos, descriptions, navigation, contact data, opening hours, etc.

2. NetPincér ételrendelés
(Viala Kft.)

Google Play
If you prefer to order food to your place, this is a great restaurant portal with the details of around 3000 restaurants. The catering establishments are grouped according to type of dishes, prices and opening hours.


City Attractions 

3. Budapest Attractions 
(PowerSlave Developments)


Check out the online and offline maps to find out where you are and read fascinating facts as you tour Budapest. There are unique photos and amazing descriptions of loads of locations along the river Danube through Budapest. 

4. Budapest Guide Events, Weather, Restaurants & Hotels
(Aleksander Lenarski)

Visit famous sights, attractions, clubs,
restaurants and lesser-known spots.

Public Transport

(BKK Budapesti Közlekedési Központ Zrt.)


Google Play

Plan your journey using BKK’s public transport services. Search is also available for barrier-free access for customers with reduced mobility.

• All operating buses, trams and trolleybuses are displayed on the map.
• On nearby departures screen we collected departing routes from stops in the area, which will start in the near future.

6. BpMenetrend
(iMind Kft)


Google Play

This is an offline schedule app of the Budapest Public Transport Company (BKV), which is showing the transports, their schedules, their stops and their final stops.


7. Budapest-Taxi
(Qualysoft SME Solutions)
You can order a taxi more comfortable with this app. Your
current position can be determined based on the GPS application, and it has a fare and route calculator function as well.

Hungarian Language

8. English Hungarian best dictionary translator
(Nguyen Van Thanh)
This is a great dictionary, you can run it in offline mode, and the app has a detailed description and a lot of examples for each word.

9. Google Translate
(Google, Inc.)
Google Play

Aaah yes, the good old Google Translator :)
I like to use it, because it's offline, fast, working with long texts, and you can translate between more than 50 languages.
The grammar is not too accurate, but it's understandable.

Currency Converter

10. Valuta+ (Currency Converter)
(Daniel Nohr)

Google Play

A super simple & free currency converter.
he interface is fast and makes you convert exchange rates very easily. 
Works offline, more than 170 currencies.


11. Budapest Design Map
(Code Bureau Kft)
 Detailed offline app based on a street level map of the city also featuring key public transport information and rendered landmarks

 A rich directory with key information (address, opening times, etc.), photos and descriptions of the featured design spots, which can be sorted alphabetically, and by category

Parties & Events

12. PartyKalauz
(Zsombor Fuszenecker)
Filter by date, location, or just browse on the map - you can share your event on facebook as well.
You can easily find the ideal event for you and your buddies.